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Field Service Solution | Mobile Application

A mobile application supports the on-site service process with which all data can be recorded on the spot in online or offline mode; therefore, you will never lose valuable information. Numerous automated processes help you fill out the worksheet, such as barcode scanning or autofill of work time and distance travelled.

Executing service tasks

  • Route planning
  • Send status report to the service center and the customer
  • Mobile app for on-site work
  • Parts picking by barcode or QR scanner
  • Fill in, create and print a worksheet on-site
  • Capture client’s signature on-site
  • Customizable process types (e.g.: preparation for winter, maintenance, removal)

Tracking service items

  • Record information related to service items and parts
  • Track serial numbers
  • Track the lifecycle of service items
  • Inventory information
  • Store and display the picture of items

Managing contracts and orders

  • When performing repairs/non-planned tasks, it is possible to combine these with planned maintenance tasks

Subcontractor management

  • Administration of the work of subcontractor’s service technicians and of the parts used.
  • Work on-site on a mobile device in online or offline mode

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