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Field service solution based on cloud technology

Servotion is a complete field service solution based on cloud technology powered by Microsoft.

Our field service solution helps you serve your customers’ needs, organize your resources to achieve maximum efficiency and increase customers’ satisfaction. 

Tightly integrated information provide the necessary insight to make profitable decisions regarding service activity costs, inventory, workload and financial returns.

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Automatic Optimized routing


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Powered by Microsoft

For Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central users...

Enterprise Resource Planning


Servotion is based on the latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system. Besides providing regular ERP functionality, it is easy to integrate with Office 365, the Graphical Scheduler and so on. Servotion is available on any device (PC, smartphone, tablet) hence, besides office employees, on-site workers can also access the central system from their mobile devices.

Servotion Web portal

Customer portal

A web-based portal enables you to report new issues/problems and track the status of existing issues 24/7. In addition, customers can view their service contracts, service items and the service history of these items.

Servotion mobile application

Mobile App

The mobile app of the solution fully supports performing on-site service jobs, with which all data can be recorded on the spot in online or offline mode; therefore, you will never lose valuable information. Numerous automated processes help fill out a worksheet, such as barcode scanning or autofill of work time and distance travelled.

Servotion Graphical Scheduler

Graphical Scheduler

A Graphical Scheduler helps Dispatchers assign tasks. The scheduler can display multiple modules: map, calendar, or timeline. With a split screen, everyone can arrange the interface of their scheduler to their liking.

Servotion Automatic Resource Allocation

Automatic Resource Allocation

Automatic resource allocation provides you with an option for allocating incoming tasks to existing resources based on pre-defined parameters. After approval, the system also schedules these tasks.

Servotion Subcontructor Management

Subcontactor Management

The system can manage subcontractors if needed. Tasks can be easily distributed between subcontractors. The dispatchers of subcontractors can also access the Graphical Scheduler to create the schedule of their own service technicians. Besides, technicians of subcontractors also fill in the worksheet on a mobile device taking advantage of all the benefits of the mobile solution.

Discover Servotion's capabilities

  • Possibility to send and error message from the faulty device;
  • The solution provides standard interfaces to read error messages from a device;
  • Generate service tasks and worksheets automatically based on the error message.
  • Graphical Scheduler with multiple views
  • Drag & drop scheduling
  • Time bar navigation
  • Assign tasks to multiple resources
  • Set recurring events
  • Resource filtering with filter grouping options
  • GPS-based tracking
  • User interface customization
  • Set task color, and priority
  • Set user access control
  • Record information related to service items and parts;
  • Track VIN and serial numbers;
  • Track the lifecycle of service items;
  • Inventory information;
  • Store and display the picture of items.
  • Can be parameterized;
  • Allocation by closest service technician;
  • Allocation by technician reaching destination fastest;
  • Allocation by priority;
  • Allocation by task length;
  • Allocation by time limit for the task;
  • Only provides suggestions or schedules as well;
  • Pre-definable parameters;
  • Based on available resources suggestion is made for allocating incoming tasks;
  • Automatic scheduling of tasks after approval.
  • Assign qualifications to your own resources;
  • Group subcontractor resources based on qualifications;
  • Record qualifications necessary for repairing service items.
  • Report requests 24/7;
  • Track the status of issues;
  • Evaluation of the repair/maintenance task (with customizable questionnaires);
  • Record information related to service items and parts;
  • Track the lifecycle of service items;
  • Send status report to the client (service technician is on the way, started servicing job, finished servicing job, and so on.).
  • Dispatcher can allocate tasks between subcontractors;
  • Managing subcontractor invoices;
  • Schedule service tasks with the Graphic Scheduler;
  • Administration of the work of subcontractor’s service technicians and of the parts used;
  • Work on-site on a mobile device in online or offline mode.
  • Route planning;
  • Send status report to the service center and the client;
  • Mobile client for on-site work;
  • Parts picking by barcode or QR scanner;
  • Fill in, create and print a worksheet on-site;
  • Capture client’s signature on-site;
  • Customizable process types (e.g.: preparation for winter, maintenance, removal);
  • Service technicians can use a troubleshooting guide to help you identify and resolve basic problems;
  • Checklists help ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task.
  • Start and close travelling time and automatically calculate travelling costs;
  • Start and finish work and automatically calculate worktime.
  • Managing customer-specific prices, various fee types and categories;
  • Using fee templates;
  • Dividing call-out fees in a tour (when servicing multiple customers);
  • GPS-based call-out fee calculation;
  • GPS tracking of service technicians.
  • Get started immediately
  • See all your data at one place
  • Get real-time information
  • Receive answers to all your questions. Just type in a standard question and get the answer in graphs and charts.
  • Company-specific content
  • Bring everyone on the same page
  • Make decisions based on available data
  • Manage ongoing maintenance contracts;
  • Generate orders automatically for seasonal maintenance based on contracts;
  • Create service orders from client requests or reports via the web portal;
  • When servicing defects/non-planned tasks, it is possible to combine these with planned maintenance tasks;
  • Current balance, checking open customer items;
  • Automatic billing.

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We had the privilege of engaging in a conversation with Tommy Fittkau, the Head of Technical Service (DÜPERTHAL Sicherheitstechnik), to gain insight into his perspective on the utilization of Servotion.

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