Effective Dispachers

Field Service Solution | Graphical Scheduler

Graphical Scheduler helps dispatchers assign tasks.
Should this be insufficient, the built-in scheduler algorithm can automate tasks on the basis of various parameters.

Work scheduling

  • Manage and create service tasks from orders
  • Schedule service tasks with the Graphic Scheduler
  • Allocation of service items and resources to tasks
  • Route planning, and optimization of assigned tasks

Keeping track of service technicians’ skills

  • Assign qualifications to your own resources
  • Group subcontractor resources based on qualifications
  • Record qualifications necessary for repairing service items

Automatic resource allocation

  • Can be parameterized
  • Allocation by closest service technician
  • Allocation by technician reaching destination fastest
  • Allocation by priority
  • Allocation by task length
  • Allocation by time limit for the task
  • Only provides suggestions or schedules as well

Subcontractor management

  • Dispatcher can allocate tasks between subcontractors
  • Schedule service tasks with the Graphic Scheduler

Managing contracts and orders

  • Manage ongoing maintenance contracts
  • Generate orders automatically for regular maintenance based on contracts
  • When servicing defects/non-planned tasks, it is possible to combine these with planned maintenance tasks
  • Automatic billing

Tracking service items

  • Record information related to service items and parts
  • Track serial numbers
  • Track the lifecycle of service items

Managing service fees

  • Managing customer-specific prices, various fee types and categories
  • Using fee templates
  • Dividing call-out fees in a tour (when servicing multiple customers)
  • GPS-based call-out fee calculation
  • GPS tracking of service technicians

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